Legacy Application Migration / Modernisation

Legacy Application Migration Services

DotPhase Solutions realizes the importance of moving from a traditional mainframe to client/server or web architecture. Today's organizations generally look at ways to leverage the strength of their legacy applications in view to improve their accessibility or while considering an application re-design. We help them do it at low risk and cost. Our legacy application migration includes:


  • - Legacy Application re-design/ re-transform/ re-engineer
  • - Migration to multiple databases or database upgrade/migration to web platforms
  • - GUI migration
  • - Application implementation, training & maintenance and support


We have the expertise on several operating system platforms and database systems. Our web professionals with skills in development, migration, testing and quality control address quality performance and appropriate RDBMS tuning issues during the migrations.

We re-engineer legacy applications or re-design them to meet current business models. Typically, this re-engineering is an opportunity to remove problems one has encountered or dealt with for years. DotPhase Solutions will work with your team to migrate legacy applications to ones that satisfy current requirements and allow for flexibility and scalability for future development. DotPhase Solutions services help determine the right architecture to meet business and technical necessities. We closely examine all variables that may affect the success of such a venture:


  • - Geographical variety of users
  • - Application distinctiveness
  • - Degree of functional enhancement sought
  • - Existing infrastructure
  • - Execution time
  • - Budget Plan
  • - Issues pertaining to implementation & maintenance
  • - Conformation of with overall strategic plans


Phases in our migration services


  • - Assessment of Need: this helps the client decide to stay, port, build, or buy
  • - Assessment of IT infrastructure
  • - Evaluation of Technology
  • - Planning the resources and skills
  • - Security consideration and policy planning
  • - Testing & Deployment
  • - Training & Support


The Three Categories of our migration services:


  • - Migration of applications in the same platform
  • - Migration of applications across platforms & technologies
  • - Migration of databases and data servers


Today, many companies are moving forward to migrate their legacy applications built in Power Builder, Visual FoxPro, VB, Cobol to latest technologies such as .NET/J2EE/WebSphere. Growing business need, increasing maintenance cost, fewer skilled resources on legacy technologies and limited delivery schedules - these are the major issues faced by the companies.


Our simplified tools are designed to fill this gap to migrate your legacy applications to newer technologies .NET/J2EE & WebSPhere-based technologies automatically. The tools offer complete end-to-end migration solution, which includes Assessment, Migration/Transformation and Integration. Our process saves a great portion of your migration cost.


Key Benefits of our Migration Process


  • - 40-50% of the migration process is automated
  • - Cost and Time savings over a complete re-write of the application
  • - Reap the benefits of three-tier architecture for enterprise-class Quality of Service
  • - Minimize IT maintenance and support costs through Web deployment
  • - Convert your legacy application to the current technology without any reinvestment
  • - Reach out to bigger markets and race ahead of your competitors