Payment Processing Online

Payment Processing Online

It is quite evident that on an average 60 percent of the households in the west especially US, are online, and more than half of these households shop staying home on a weekly basis enjoying the internet resources. This would typically mean that business owners ignoring these options of selling online have been missing a wide spectrum of revenue opportunity. With the advancement in technology, selling online has never been simpler, safer, or more cost-effective.


An online store allows you to be open for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing an edge over so called traditional and conventional shopping methods. Not only in terms of customer convenience, online shopping has proved to be effective, more on revenue for product based companies. An online store also helps in reducing overhead costs since it is not required to hire people at various levels. With usage of reliable payment processing tools, these functions are all done automatically. Finally, an online selling helps companies to reach new markets across the GLOBE. A secured online store is not an option for a successful business; rather it's a one step forward in managing and growing your business operations.


The most important part of selling online is accepting payments from your customers for purchases done or for a series of transactions (say, payments for membership fees or paying installments via Website). Online payment processing offers customers the convenience of submitting their credit card or other form of payment on your website, and for you to actually receive the money from this transaction. Recurring payment processing allows you to set up regularly scheduled payments for your customers for a series of transactions.


Experience DotPhase


As the premier E-commerce Solution implementers, DotPhase is dedicated to the Application Development sector providing advanced payment processing solutions that combine industry to technology with its customized products with personalized service and support. Independent of the requiring industry say electronic commerce, infomercials, on-line services, insurance, subscriptions, telecommunications or multi-channel marketing or cable TV, DotPhase extends support to their clients and their customers in making their transactions faster, accurate and safe with their customized solutions.


Flexible authorization services


  • - Customizable number of authorization attempts
  • - Customizable time period between authorization attempts
  • - Effective reporting and output for efficient order tracking


Reliable Fraud Protection


- The advantages being the following..

  • - Comprehensive support for both domestic and international currencies
  • - Dependable credit and debit based solutions for
    • - MasterCard
    • - Visa
    • - Europay
    • - American Express
    • - Delta
    • - Electron
    • - JCB
    • - Diners
    • - Discover Cards
  • - Customizable transaction scoring rules to meet your unique requirements


Convenient reporting and data delivery


  • - Comprehensive authorization, deposit, refund and chargeback data available in detail via the Internet or telephone
  • - Easy-to-access direct contact numbers for every card-issuing bank, updated
  • - regularly by MasterCard and Visa
  • - Current and historical bank deposit information accessible for all your bank accounts
  • - Online calendar with dates for regional training seminars, banking holidays and industry trade shows
  • - Up-to-date news notes for industry trends and Payment news
  • - Online training manuals, technical specifications, merchant forms and product Information.


Multiple currency processing


  • - Seamless payments to merchants in local currencies
  • - Single file transmission of all currencies
  • - Complete chargeback processing in local currencies
  • - Currencies representing 21 countries are supported


Seamless electronic check processing


  • - Both U.S. and Canadian currencies supported
  • - Full-service account validation and transaction verification processes similar to Credit card authorizations
  • - Return and exception processing with auto re-presentment
  • - Complete accounting and financial reconciliation reports


Creative payment options


  • - Comprehensive recurring, installment and deferred billing support for both bankcard and electronic check transactions
  • - Bill Me Later TM instant online credit program for consumers


Specialized customer service


  • - Dedicated account manager as the primary point of contact
  • - Devoted chargeback analyst
  • - Experienced merchant services support team for day-to-day operational support
  • - Expert technical specialist to ensure a smooth transition
  • - Skilled training specialist for ongoing training in areas such as chargeback processing, transaction reporting and fraud awareness
  • - Reliable 24-hour technical support team


Single source convenience


  • - Allows submission of one file for all credit card, debit card, electronic check, electronic gift certificate, private label, T&E cards, purchasing   cards, multiple currencies and installment, deferred or recurring payments.
  • - Support of online, batch, POS, Internet and PC payment processing